Tree top Adventures

Welcome to Tree top Adventures located in the premises of Tea Valley Resort, Munnar

A walk in the air on ropes, pumps both your energy. Read more..
Entwine yourself at great heights taking greater. Read more..
A walk in the air on ropes, pumps both your energy. Read more..
Risk your steps with simulated earthquake. Read more..
An activity for the brave heart, it’s a true adventure. Read more..
Climb up the nets that take you to the tree tops multiplying. Read more..
Hop from one rope to another with ropes tied. Read more..

The Adventurous Munnar

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Munnar is not just a vacation spot to enjoy & relax your holidays; it can also be a store house of promising high rise activities that blends your love for nature & enthusiasm for adventure churning out the fear factor from you. Plunge yourself into the exuberance of high rise adventurous activities atop the tall trees of Munnar Hill stations while your folks watches you outperform at great heights with awe.Dive from one tree to another out wining each hurdle you pass, refilling your youth for the body & mind alike. Read more..

Why choose us?

  • Adventure

  • Munnar

  • Safety

Sample photoBring out the true adventurer in you with wide variety of tree top activities that awaken the wild enthusiast in you. Get ready and pack your bags to Munnar to witness and conquer your fear of heights and boost the element of inner confidence in you.

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Sample photoMunnar, a breathtakingly beautiful hill station located at the converging point of three mountain ranges Mudra puzha, Nallathanni and Kundala is Kerala’s most sought after tourist destinations of all seasons. . Vast expanse of tea-estates, green valleys and mountains combined with varied flora and fauna add to the beauty of this place.

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Sample photoEach high rise tree top activity comes with risk, but we wipe away that element with proper & ensured safety equipments for our activity participants. Each activity is secured with “Smart Belay” safety systems imported from Germany; guaranteeing you 100% safety.

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